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Why Choose Greenvale Guitar School

Greenvale Guitar School offers guitar lessons that are of an exceedingly high standard designed for both beginners and advanced students.  

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Affordable, Professional Lessons

First Lesson Free

We want as many people to enjoy learning music as possible. For that reason we offer exceptional guitar lessons at competitive rates. However it is important to make sure you have a connection with your teacher and are satisfied with the direction of the music lessons. That’s why the first lesson is on us.


Advanced Guitar Specialists

You'll Never Outgrow Your Teacher

We have expertise in advanced technique and university-level music theory, as well as  AMEB, ANZCA and VCE exam preparation. Unlinke our competitors, we don't charge extra for a "senior" or "advanced" teacher. Every student at Greenvale Guitar School receives their lesson from a teacher who can guide them through all levels.


More Than Just Guitar Lessons

Well-Rounded Musician Training

You’re not only learning how to play the guitar. You'll learn about coordination, patience, concentration, discipline, time management,  developing self-confidence, communication skills, presentation ability, character building, and most importantly, how to express yourself emotionally through music. 

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Whether you want to learn the latest pop songs or your favourite jazz standard, we've got you covered


Guitar Lesson Packages

$300 Per Term* for 30 Minute
Individual Lessons

$600 Per Term* For 60 Minute
Individual Lessons

*Term length is ten weeks. One lesson per week at a scheduled time.